At Millennium Kids Play School, we have carefully designed our curriculum to support the development of young children in a fun and engaging way. We believe that play-based learning is the most effective approach for young children, and we have tailored our curriculum to meet the unique needs of each age group.

Our curriculum is designed to develop the whole child - socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. We provide a balance of teacher-led and child-initiated activities that promote active learning and exploration. Our curriculum is organized around the following areas:

  • Language and Literacy: We help children develop their language skills through story-telling, puppet shows, poetry, and conversation. We also promote early literacy skills through reading, writing, and phonemic awareness activities.
  • Math and Science: We introduce math and science concepts through hands-on activities, exploration, and problem-solving. We use everyday materials to teach children about numbers, shapes, patterns, and measurement. We also encourage children to explore their natural environment and develop an understanding of the world around them.
  • Creative Arts: We provide opportunities for children to express themselves creatively through art, music, drama, and dance. We encourage children to use their imagination and develop their fine motor skills through painting, drawing, sculpting, and crafting.
  • Social and Emotional Development: We help children develop social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and cooperating with others. We also promote emotional development by encouraging children to express their feelings and develop self-awareness.
  • Physical Development: We provide a range of physical activities such as yoga, dance, and outdoor play to promote gross motor skills and overall physical health.

Our curriculum is flexible and responsive to the individual needs and interests of each child. Our teachers observe and assess each child's progress and adjust the curriculum as needed. We also provide regular updates to parents on their child's development and progress.

We believe that our curriculum provides a solid foundation for future academic success and lifelong learning. Contact us today to learn more about our curriculum and how we can help your child grow and thrive!

Millennium Kids has a well researched and scientifically developed curriculum that focuses on holistic development of every child, through play activities and collaborative group work. The curriculum aims at providing children with a solid academic foundation by implementing a multi-sensory integrated approach to education. Millennium Kids has been at the forefront of bringing innovative products in the early child care space in India.

Curriculum Objectives:

  • To enable, energise and enhance childhood by fostering complete growth of mind, body and spirit.
  • Use sequential learning techniques to ensure holistic development of every child across key skill areas
  • To ensure that children receive attention to their physical, mental and emotional needs

Developmental Milestones :

Developmental Milestones are markers to measure a child’s growth in areas of cognitive development, motor skills development, language development and socio-emotional development. They help us in understanding how children develop and differ from one another in their growth patterns. Milestones support the understanding that every child is unique and develops at his/her own pace. Natural development milestones are helpful in selecting the best age appropriate programs and activities for children.

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